Uniform Shirt external carriers or any of our Load bearing and specialty carriers may be ordered and constructed to your specifications. 

It's easy,


Step 1 is shoot us an email to  and we will send you the materials that you will need to buildout your personal carrier.   

 1.  Upon receiving the Order Kit from us, Remove both panels of body armor from it's current carrier and set them aside. 

2. Place one of the sheets (included in your kit) on a flat surface.

3. Place the first  panel  (front), FACE DOWN on the sheet.  The label with the statement "this side towards body" should be facing you.

4. Use a pencil or thin line marker to outline your panel.  Take care to outline the entire panel.

5. Repeat the process with the second panel (back).

6. Mark the seperate sheets "Panel 1 Front" and "Panel 2 Back" as appropriate.  Sign both outlined sheets.

7. Write your name, address, telephone number and email address on the enclosed order card.

8. Place the two outlined sheets and  the order card in the enclosed mailer and return it to us.

We will notify you once we receive your order with any questions.


Most orders ship within four to six weeks unless there are some extenuating circumstances.