About Us

STRATCENT INC., was born out of an idea that police equipment specifically body armor, did not have to be heavy and cumbersome.  So a bunch of us cops sat down and between war stories figured out a way to make it happen. Next we needed a brain trust to work out the particulars of physics and all that other geek stuff, lawyers to tell us a hundred ways that we can be sued  and eight years later, here we are.  Since on a cops salary there is no way to compete with the "big boys", our selection of products is specific.  We now have the pleasure of working out of a small brick and mortar store located in Ocala Florida 34474.  You won't find a lot of fancy signs and advertising. What you will find is some guys who know the business from the inside.  And by the way, if you are not happy with the products that you received, we will take it back and refund your purchase price and any shipping.

Shift gears to 2020 and the country is gripped by the COVID - 19 Virus.  Time for our staff to step in and help out as much as we can.  We hunted high and low and as good detectives were able to locate some PPE 's and stuff to offer to our local agencies and community.  It's not much but we are really trying to contribute.